About Escape Pods

An Escape Pod is a comfortable and private high-tech space that you can rent out in 15-minute intervals.

Escape Pod rates are subject to change, but they start at $10 for 15 minutes.

Inside the Escape Pod, you’ll find comfortable seating and a large table lit by adjustable LED lighting. Here, you can also access encrypted Wi-Fi, a 24-in screen, and photobooth capabilities.

Escape Pods are currently available at the following airports: AUS, CVG, GSP, JAX, JFK, ONT, OAK, PDX, PIT, SEA, SYR, XNA. You can visit our Locations page for more information.

You can reserve an Escape Pod as early in advance as you’d like. Once you’ve booked it, you’ll get a PIN number to unlock the Escape Pod. The PIN number will only work for the time period that you’ve reserved. Just put the PIN into the screen at the entrance of the Escape Pod, and it’ll open automatically for you.

Available Hours

Escape Pods are available 24/7 but operate at a first-come, first serve basis. To guarantee a pod’s availability, we recommend booking it in advance.


You can book an Escape Pod through our website. Just visit our home page and search for your airport and the date you need for the Escape Pod.

We accept all major credit cards and Apple Pay.

Wifi Access

We offer encrypted Wi-Fi in the Escape Pods powered by Jabbrrbox technology, so you can safely surf the internet.


Escape Pod reservations can be canceled up to 7 days in advance. If your reservation is less than 7 days away, you will not be eligible for a refund if you cancel. Please email [email protected] your booking reference number to request a cancellation.

You can leave the Escape Pod at any time. The door will automatically lock behind you. To get back in, you can just use the same PIN number.

We do not allow the use of e-cigarettes or vapes in the Escape Pods.

The Escape Pods aren’t large enough for an average-sized person to lie down in.


Yes, you may bring your pet into the Escape Pods.


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Technical Issues

Simply input the PIN number into the digital screen on the side of the Escape Pod, and the door will unlock.

The screen in the Escape Pod will begin a countdown as you get close to the end of your time.

You may leave the Escape Pod at any time, but any unused time cannot be credited back to your account.

No, the Escape Pods are always unlocked from the inside. They are only locked from the outside.

Cleaning Service

The Escape Pods utilize air filtration to help reduce airborne contaminations including particles containing viruses. The air flow allows for a complete changeover of the air every 60 seconds. The antibacterial light overhead allows for disinfecting, and our surfaces are antimicrobial to suppress bacterial growth. The Escape Pods are also cleaned manually multiple times a day with disinfectant.