JAX Escape Pods

Serving more than 7 million passengers in 2019, Jacksonville International Airport provides domestic and international flights for the Jacksonville Metropolitan area.

If downtime before your flight is what you need, booking an Escape Pod ahead of your trip comes highly recommended, by helping you get away from the busy terminal.

Escape Pods are great for making private calls, catching up with work or even charging your electronics. Built-in Wi-Fi makes it easy to surf the web.


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Our Benefits

When you book an Escape Pod at Jacksonville International Airport, you’re geared up to experience the following:

Escape into your own quiet space

Take a meeting or a nap. Do work or play video games. Escape Pods enable you to do what you want in private.

Have the tools you need

Private and secure Wi-Fi for work or play, a table for work or food and a USB charging station - Escape Pods has you covered.

Personalize your environment

Control the temperature, control the brightness and even color of your lights - you’re in charge in an Escape Pod.


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Want More Escape?
Our Escape Lounges offer unlimited premium amenities including hand-crafted beverages and bespoke dishes.