About Northwest Arkansas Airport

Opened in November 1998, Northwest Arkansas National Airport (also known as Bentonville Airport) offers an average of 50 flights a day to 23 destinations across the country. Servicing airlines at Northwest Arkansas airport include Allegiant Air, American Airlines, Breeze Airways, United Airlines and more.

Northwest Arkansas Airport’s mission is to satisfy the needs of travelling passengers by ensuring there is a safe and modern aviation infrastructure in place. The airport has many valuable amenities such as animal services, escape pods, and family play areas.


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When you book an Escape Pod at Northwest Arkansas Airport, you’re geared up to experience the following:

Escape into your own quiet space

Escape into your own private world with our Escape Pods at Northwest Arkansas Airport. Whether you’re looking to do work, go on a call, or just wanting to get away from the noise- with XNA Airport Escape Pods, you choose what you want to do with your private space.

Have the tools you need

From secure Wi-Fi to USB charging ports, we have all the tools you need to make your Escape Pod experience at XNA Airport the best it can be. Escape Pods at Bentonville Airport are suitable for both work and play.

Personalize your environment

Northwest Arkansas Airport Escape Pods allow you to customize your private space to make you feel at home. Change the color of your lights, set your desired temperature, and make an Escape Pod at Northwest Arkansas Airport your home.


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Our Escape Lounges offer unlimited premium amenities including hand-crafted beverages and bespoke dishes.