About Greenville-Spartanburg Airport

Rated as the best small airport of 2020, the Greenville-Spartanburg Airport serves more than 2.6 million passengers each year. The airport offers 100 non-stop flights from 5 different airlines each day.

Delta, Allegiant, American Airlines, Southwest and United are the five major airlines operating out of the airport. TSA Pre-Check is available at the Greenville airport, as is a TSA Pre Application Center. The airport is easy to navigate with only one terminal and two concourses. There are 13 gates total at the airport.


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When you book an Escape Pod at Greenville-Spartanburg Airport, you’re geared up to experience the following:

Escape into your own quiet space

Take a meeting or a nap. Do work or play video games. GSP Airport Escape Pods enable you to do what you want in private.

Have the tools you need

Private and secure wi-fi for work or play, a table for work or food and a USB charging station - Escape Pods at Greenville Airport have you covered.

Personalize your environment

Control the temperature, brightness and even color of your lights - you’re in charge in an Escape Pod at GSP Airport.


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